08/2015 . Client: Collectif Kahraba . Communication material produced for the street festival: Nehna Wel Amar Wel Jiran. Best Replica Watches The event is organized by Collectif Kahraba for the 4th time on the Vendome stairs in Mar Mikhael. The illustration work is in collaboration with Eric Deniaud. The Cheap Cartier Replica portraits represent all the faces of the organizers, volunteers, participating artists and helping neighbors.

05/2013 . Client: Nabteh Nabteh . Logotype design and identity for the 'Nabteh Nabteh'nature walks projects. Along with children notebook, poster design and Facebook material. Swiss Cartier Replica Watches AAA Omega Replica Watches www.replicaonsale.com Cheap Breitling Replica www.dobreitling.com

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08/2012 . Client: Collectif Kahraba . Design of communication material for Collectif Kahraba event: Nehna Wel Amar Wel Jiran. Cartier Replica Watches dealtimewatches.com

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Born in Beirut, Lebanon and graduated from Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) with a master in advertising and from Kingston University, London with an MA in Art & Design History. Mainly a freelancer in various graphic fields like illustration, graphic design and animation. Teacher in visual literacy, visual communication, packaging, illustration and graphic design at both the Lebanese American University (LAU) and the Lebanese University.

Editorial design, branding and identity, illustration, web design, book design, animation.

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